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PureNRG – Scarlett

Được biết đến trong A State Of Trance 722 (15.07.2016) – Một track quá hay đến từ bộ đôi Solarstone + Giuseppe Ottaviani “PureNRG”. Bass đẹp, melody đậm chất Solarstone, nghe rất dạt dào.


“Epic” said DJ Mag UK and “full of surprises” thought DJ Mag Italia, whilst Dancing Astronaut praised its “orchestral” & “uplifting” merits. Back in Feb, fair to say that PureNRG’s third single outing, ‘Secret Of The Sahara’ went on to win more than its fair share of fan-hearts & DJ-minds.

This month the PureNRG boys (Rich Solarstone & Giuseppe Ottaviani) are back and through their new single’s title, are paying lip & ear service to a certain shade of ‘Scarlett’!
What led PureNRG to name their latest Scarlett… well your guess is as good as ours. We can think of several possibilities, but the most likely is that – like its namesake – the track has timeless beauty on the outside, whilst being as tough as brass boots on-the-in!

Ballsy drums, provocative percussion and bass guitar throb make up the track’s floor-wards looking mainframe. Lying in wait further in are lifty key changes, myriad riffs and pianoforte goosebumpery – all of which will straight break yer heart!

A more worthy successor to their ‘Secret Of The Sahara’ smash, it’s hard to imagine… Experience ‘Scarlett’s dancefloor kiss from today.

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